Capsa Susun

Just because you can play Capsa Susun online, doesn't mean you can stop playing mistake-free poker. When you are alone playing poker online, you get more relaxed and tend to make more mistakes than you would in the casino.

Here are some of the common online poker mistakes you are making and you must eliminate from your game today.

Never flash your hole cards at the online poker tables. If you wouldn't do it at the casino, don't do it now because you are in the safety of your home. You're giving every other player at that table a free look into how you play, and they will eventually put the pieces together and crush you the next hand you are in together.

Stop playing at the wrong online poker tables. If you are playing a table with a $10 max buy-in and wondering why you keep going broke, look closer at those players before you sit down. Now that you are paying attention, you might discover that the table all have $50 or more already, so as soon as you sit they right after your little $10 stack.

Stop logging into the online poker sites without having a limit set for the day. If you don't know to stop playing when you hit $50, you may stay too long and wind up giving all those profits back and more. Set limits and quit when you hit them.

Turn off the online chat feature. It is only a distraction and will keep you from spotting weakness in other players at the table. Each time you chat, you give the table free information.

Now you know the biggest mistakes players are making at the Capsa Susun sites. Tighten up your game and you will see your bankroll start moving in a positive direction shortly.